Installing WINE, Winetricks And Playonlinux On Ubuntu

It may also arise that the consumer wishes to run a Windows software or sport in Ubuntu and it unearths that it cannot installation windows programs.

Wine is a bit of software program that tricks packages to consider they are jogging in a Windows surroundings.

In addition, this article will give an explanation for the way to install Winetricks libraries had to run home windows, and PlayOnLinux programs to run games you can find more info on this page.


Wine comes in the Ubuntu repositories, equipped to install. All the consumer has to do is open a terminal (applications -> add-ons -> terminal) and enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install wine

The quality choice is to get the modern model of wine so the consumer need to upload its repositories.

Note: Ubuntu 12.04 has the cutting-edge model of Wine (model number 1.Four) so it isn’t always want to feature its repositories.

For in advance versions of Ubuntu, open a terminal and run the subsequent command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

Press Enter, write the foundation password (for protection motives, now not seen at the same time as the consumer sorts), we hit Enter.

Update the repository with the subsequent command:

sudo apt-get update

Press Enter and the user might be ready for installation.

Once the repositories were added, and relying on whether or not there may be a version of Wine already installed, do one of the following:

If Wine isn’t established, difficulty the subsequent command:

sudo apt-get install wine

If the consumer has an in advance version of Wine (the official Ubuntu repositories) mounted, it can be updated with the subsequent command:

sudo apt-get upgrade

Running Wine:

The Wine Menu already shows below Applications. It can be used to get entry to Windows applications and Configure Wine (you can also configure it from a terminal with the winecfg command).

To install a.Exe application, click on the right mouse button on it and select “open with wine home windows application loader”.

We also can run a application on a terminal with the following command:

sudo wine application.Exe

It is a superb concept that earlier than putting in a chunk of software program, in particular if it’s powerful and complicated, check the legitimate WineHQ web page, to look if this system might paintings properly. It once in a while happens that it’s miles necessary to install a library or dll for the program to paintings nicely.


Often, the utility the consumer attempts to run fails due to the fact there’s a required lacking dynamic hyperlink library (DLL).

Winetricks is a script to be able to help the consumer in that assignment. With this script, the user can down load and set up the libraries which can be required by way of the windows applications.