DVD Printing and Duplication – A Customer’s Experience

A DVD Duplication Requirement Arises

Sam works for a organization that provides organizations with safety documentation and device in addition to appearing chance exams for all types of eventualities. The commercial enterprise has recently began to move into the sphere of providing safety facts movies and has hired the services of a neighborhood video manufacturing organization to film and bring the protection videos for them. Upon speakme to present clients approximately the new video merchandise and arranging a viewing for a pick few agencies, it became obvious that there could be a giant call for for video merchandise and they would want in order to supply them with copies of relevant protection films as well as using them to sell their own company to other groups cd duplication.

So, they located themselves in want of a DVD printing and duplication employer to assist with producing copies in their protection videos in bulk. Sam become assigned the assignment of finding a good provider as she has a great technical and I.T. Skillset and the necessary revel in. The present clients had been very keen to acquire the videos on DVD as quickly as feasible and the Managing Director was also keen to start mailing out DVDs at the side of promotional substances to win extra business for the company. They allowed themselves 2 weeks for the challenge from start to finish.

Approaching DVD Duplication Suppliers

Having had no experience with the DVD printing and duplication commercial enterprise earlier than, Sam began with an internet seek to look which groups turned up for the searches “DVD Printing” and “DVD Duplication”. She become surprised at how many companies there have been in the UK supplying these services and the scale of some of their operations. Sam have been beneath the affect that digital downloads had decimated the CD and DVD production enterprise however her studies proved otherwise. The crew had decided upon an initial run of 500 copies for every of 20 exclusive films, a requirement of 10,000 discs in all. Sam began by means of soliciting for costs from the top ten corporations on a finalised listing. All those businesses had superb, informative web sites and top consumer comments, so she decided to apply the citation process as a customer service gauge.

Seven out of the 10 DVD duplication groups at the listing were given returned to her inside an hour of the quote request and 3 of these accompanied up with a name. Sam spoke to a customer manager for a business enterprise throughout this sort of calls and was very impressed together with his courtesy, respectful approach and degree of information, so she decided to apply this corporation. They didn’t deliver the cheapest quote however she is a big advise of the saying, “You get what you pay for” and this corporation gave her the impact that they cared and would deliver a excessive quality product which turned into vital as she desired to create a exceptional first impact with her clients, in turn.

DVD Artwork, Templates and Masters

The assignment manager for the chosen corporation, who’s call was Mark, counseled a assembly and became keen to expose Sam round their DVD printing and duplication facility. As they have been most effective a 30 minute ride from the offices, she popular and went to meet him at 2pm the next day. During the meeting Sam was added to the bewildering array of printing and packaging options available for DVDs however things became tons clearer as soon as she explained what the project changed into approximately, the mission price range and what changed into had to get across to the clients. Sam decided upon a lithographic print for the DVDs as she had a few terrific nevertheless photographs from the video production periods which might make terrific DVD printing paintings and DVD packaging artwork. As she was right with Adobe Photoshop, Mark recommended that he ought to supply Sam with DVD templates and packaging templates for her to produce the art work for the DVDs herself as she had a great idea of what she wanted to peer at the completed product.

They discussed the variations between printing strategies for DVDs; display screen printing is good for paintings providing blocks of coloration and textual content and lithographic printing is pleasant for printing photographic pictures onto the DVDs themselves. The DVD packaging is digitally published and so irrespective of whether the image is black and white or all singing and dancing full colour, the printing fees are the same.

The DVD Duplication Suite

Mark then confirmed Sam around the DVD duplication suite at his organisation wherein the copies of the DVDs are produced. The suite consisted of many duplication towers all connected right into a valuable controlling master unit. The duplication drives themselves are similar to those determined in a laptop PC and the towers residence as many as 20 drives. In order to maximise the efficiency of the suite there were many of these towers going for walks concurrently and loading and unloading of the DVDs from every character pressure became completed via a robot managing machine in preference to manually. Performing the task via hand could obviously were extraordinarily hard and vulnerable to human errors. The robotic machine minimises capacity damage to the surface of the published DVDs as they’re lifted the usage of a series of small, rubber vacuum cups. The loading and unloading procedure may be very fast enabling the suite to copy many lots of DVDs in no time to lessen mission lead times.

The DVD Master and a Format Issue

Following their quick tour of the duplication suite, they discussed the DVD masters and how the films have been to be presented to clients and ability clients. Their dialogue revealed a severe trouble with the DVD video files. The video documents had been in an AVI format and have been split into chapters for every of the 20 DVDs but every DVD needed to have a menu photograph and to offer the option for the viewer to pick the chapter that they desired to watch. This meant that each DVD had to be re-mastered to encompass the menu gadget and the format altered so that the DVDs would play in a standalone DVD player as well as on a PC or laptop.

Suddenly, weeks was looking a chunk tight for the project as all this needed to be carried out for 20 one-of-a-kind DVDs. It additionally introduced to the mission cost but Sam simply did not need to reduce corners with the presentation of the DVDs and so she modified the finances and made a intellectual word to take into account to keep in mind the DVD mastering for the next assignment.

The DVD Packaging

There is an exceptional array of different sorts of DVD packaging available however Sam settled upon a simple, clear widespread DVD case for this venture as this allowed her to encompass an eight web page guide within the case at the left hand aspect which changed into held in vicinity with the aid of moulded plastic clips. The DVD case revealed cowl then slots down in the clear plastic sheath on the out of doors of the case.

The Production of the DVDs

Sam spent the subsequent two days producing the artwork for the DVDs and learnt plenty approximately producing artwork for printing, together with making sure that the photographic photograph is not too darkish as dark images do no longer print properly and also approximately retaining any text nicely within the fringe of the print (permit as a minimum 4 to 5mm clearance). She additionally learnt approximately the requirement for a 3mm bleed quarter round the threshold of the paintings to allow for printed picture bleed in the course of the method. The masters were produced and demonstrated by way of the quit of the week which left approximately four running days for the chosen corporation to provide the DVDs. They were slicing it best but the provider controlled to come back via for them. The dealer had dedicated to delivering a number of the DVDs on the Friday of the following week and that they made a shipping on the Friday morning. The final products were notable and Sam turned into satisfied that she had made the proper decision as regards to the supplier who had been very supportive all through the assignment.

The DVDs proved to be extremely famous and had been all long past inside the following two weeks. Thankfully, because the provider had all the information on document they have been able to produce some other run of 10,000 in handiest three days. Mark and Sam then mentioned the possibilities of manufacturing the following run of DVDs the use of the replication technique as opposed to the duplication method because the portions could be higher and Sam ought to make a saving on the unit fee at the rate of a little more manufacturing time.


Sam’s first experience of the DVD printing and duplication enterprise turned into a basically superb one in large part due to having observed an excellent provider however there were numerous points wherein better planning changed into required or revel in might have assisted. She makes the subsequent suggestions to everyone else who finds themselves in the equal role:

Do a few thorough internet studies on capability providers
Make a judgement on the sort of customer support that you can expect with the aid of asking for a quote
Ask approximately templates in case you’re going to do the artwork your self
Discuss what works and what would not with your dealer, do not wait until three days before you need DVDs
Make certain that your grasp is efficiently formatted for maximum player compatibility
Don’t attempt to do everything ultimate minute, this is while errors are made and money is wasted
Treat your supplier with appreciate, you’ll most in all likelihood get a amazing service that way.

For greater records on the subject of the DVD duplication system or if you would really like a quote for a DVD duplication venture which you are presently running on, please speak to a member of the professional crew at Alpha Duplication.